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"Habitats of Mind": Problemlösungsmuster nicht nur für Mathematiker

In seinem Blog "Without geometry, Life is pointless" beschreibt Avery die vier Kategorien von Mathematik. Die hier vorgestellte Liste an Problemlösungsmethoden ("Habitats of Mind") dürfte sich auch auf andere Bereiche übertragen lassen.

"This is still a work in progress (and feedback would be greatly appreciated), but I've decided to explicitly teach (and assess...more on that later) 4 "categories" of mathematics this year.

  1. Skills (I know how to...)
  2. Concepts (I understand and can explain why...)
  3. Connections (I see and can explain the relationship between...)
  4. Mathematical Habits of Mind (I can use and appreciate the process of...)
I've decided not to use the term "problem solving" because I believe this term is often misused to include solving problems and because the motivation for problem solving skills seems to be to help you get an answer. While I believe that they can be very helpful in finding answers, I see mathematical habits of mind as also being mathematical in and of themselves. So...while searching for patterns may help you solve a problem it is also DOING mathematics.

Here's the current version of the mathematical habits of mind I think are important. I hope to explore (in varying depths) every one of these and have already shared the list with my 6th graders.

This is definitely a work in progress and some of these are based on work by Cuoco, Driscoll, Schoenfeld, and others."

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