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Eckehart Röscheisen: The Art of Making Sense. What we can learn from Tao, Coaching & Science. Out now on all major platforms!

The Art of Making Sense.

Unlock your full potential. Step by step.

Simplified. Concise. Enlightening. Inspiring. Essential. Beautiful. Fast & deep. Ten years of research & refinements. Finally distilled into 754 print pages, 34 topics, 96 diagrams, more than 150 of crucial questions answered in depth & with clarity. Plus thousands of extra tips.

”Learning and writing about all the topics in this book has been an incredible journey and an almost spiritual experience for me.“ (Eckehart Röscheisen)

Have you ever wondered if there is more in life than seeking for pleasure, avoiding discomfort, working extra hours, feeding the “Need Machine“, living paycheck to paycheck, letting others decide what to do, being lost in thoughts and activities, working the treadmill of habituation, spending hours with Social Media, or compensating stress with power-shopping?

But how do we actually replace existing by living? How do we start our journey towards a more meaningful life?

“The Art of Making Sense” (ISBN: 9781005504502) provides an overview of applied positive psychology that draws on established approaches and recent scientific research, coaching & Tao practices to enhance your life experience, work performance, stress resistance, and wellbeing in many areas.

This book helps you to understand and grow, and tells you what they didn't tell you at school:

  • how to find your needs, strengths, passions, and values that keep you sincerely motivated,
  • why and how emotions are a very important part of your decision-making,
  • why focusing on positive things can rewire your brain to be more optimistic and effective,
  • how to deal with typical irrational thinking and communication patterns,
  • how small new habits and simple rules can change your whole life,
  • why too much choice is a big threat to your freedom,
  • how to define & reach your goals,
  • why failure can actually be a good thing, and
  • what dying people regret the most.

We look at different but highly connected complementary areas such as Buddhist Practice & Tao, Philosophy (namely Secular Ethics, Stoicism and Scientific Humanism), Flow, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Human Evolution, Cognitive Psychology, Neurosciences, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming to find interesting, surprising & essential answers to more than 150 fundamental questions.

About the Author

Eckehart Röscheisen works as a computer scientist, journalist & book author (with more than 3000 published print pages) in Hamburg, Germany. He is the founder of the e-book publisher Screen2.0.

Full Table of Contents

Table of contents of the PDF of the e-book pre-release version on Amazon KDP Select (click to enlarge)